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Fashionable Water Bottles by Kor

I recently received an amazing water bottle to try out.   Living in Australia where the sun can be quite harsh means that you really need to stay hydrated all the time.  And what a better way to store your water than beautifully designed water bottle by Kor.  I was given a bottle in the Kor Vida range.  The Vida range is made of Stainless Steel and plastic.  Kor loves the durability and beauty of steel. But they didn’t like the way steel bottles felt in their hands – or on their lips. So they pushed themselves to create a better solution. The reward was Vida. Its tapered profile and ergonomic handle make it a joy to hold. the smooth, threadless spout replicates their Perfect Spout™, a first for any steel bottle. 

Kor has two other beautiful ranges in their line,  Delta and Aura.  Both are plastic with their patented Perfect Spout.

All Kor vessels are completely BPA free, and are made from either Eastman Tritan or Stainless steel, with food grade silicone seals and polypropylene caps. All the bottles are full recyclable.

Kor seeks to change our perception of water: to celebrate and treasure water for its role in life. Shouldn’t you have one too – you can find out more information on Kor by clicking here.

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