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Zambesi Leggings

On Sunday while strolling through Paddington Shane and I decided to take a look in the Zambesi shop.  He knows how much I love this New Zealand label and I try to visit the store often to see what they have on offer. 

We walked in and front and centre were these amazing leggings on a mannequin.   

Zambesi Bootlegs Skinny Leggings

Zambesi Bootlegs Skinny Leggings


 There is a back story, I’ve been dying for a pair of leather leggings all winter.  I have been searching and searching and the closest I could but wasn’t quite right were the AG skinny leather pants.  

Once I was done gasping, the lovely Manager, Linda told us that not only were the pants the last one, they were drastically reduced.  Shane made me try them on.  The shocker was that even at an Aussie size 6, they fit me.  Shane being the most amazing boyfriend in the world, bought them for me. 

This morning, though not as cold as last week, was still really cold.  I decided to wear my new leggings with a DVF tunic, and my Lila Verne shoe boots. 

Lenya Jones - Fashion Stylist

Zambesi Bootlegs Skinny Leggings & Lila Verne shoe boots


Fashion Stylist - Lenya Jones

Zambesi Bootlegs Skinny Leggings & Lila Verne shoe boots


I think I’m in love with these leggings.  They are soooo cool.  I love that they are moleskin on the top half so the fit is amazing and I won’t get a saggy bum as you do when leather pants stretch out of shape.  Watch this space, more Zambesi to come.

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  1. Awesome leggings and awesome BF!

    July 5, 2010
  2. Okay lady, I got to update my bookmark. Serious legging. You got access to all the good stuff!

    July 7, 2010
  3. Positively fabulous! Those leggings look fantastic, especially with those shoes! You go girlie, with the wonderful boyfriend. How sweet was that?

    Have a great week, my dear.

    July 13, 2010

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