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RAFW 2010 Day Five – The Curtain Call

Last day of Fashion Week. It was with a little sadness and a whole lot of tiredness that I embarked on my last day at the OPT. Thank goodness it was light on the shows for us because I was about ready to drop from exhaustion.

We started our day with one the most gorgeous productions of the week, Miss Unkon show and collection was a fairy tale of absolute girlyness like nothing we have seen this week. There were beautiful flowers and butterflies hanging from the rafters, a darling little swing, and adorable hopscotch graph drawn on the floor. The clothing was a mix of girly casual outfits, using Miss Unkon’s collaboration with Levis and beautiful dresses that any girl would feel like a princess in.
Next up for us was my first ever Swimwear group show. I’ve been to several Fashion Weeks but always sit out this show. This week I was invited by designer Roopa Permaraju to her show. Roopa designs the most beautiful caftans you have ever seen. I wasn’t very impressed with all the swimwear. But Roopa made the show for me. I think I will have to own one of her designs, they were just that beautiful.
The last show of the day for us was the Annah Stretton show. Another Kiwi designer that I’m very impressed with. Her inspiration for this show was Brigitte Bardo and anything inspired by her is bound to be sexy and good. I wasn’t disappointed. Again a fabulous production where the designer didn’t forget her New Zealand roots. Each model came down the runway with little sheep in their hair. There were beautiful shorts with ruffles, gorgeous dresses and sexy crop tops.
So another RAFW has come and gone, with some hits and some misses. My favs this week: Zambesi Men’s, Gary Yang Collections, Sally Koeswanto, Alice McCall, Elliot Ward-Fear and Roopa Permaraju.

wearing Country Road tuxedo shirt, Agnes B boucle blazer, Levis 501 jeans, Chanel handbag, Wittner Miu Miu copy shoes
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  1. Hey i love your blog :)THis is a really cool outfit too 🙂 you look good, i like your post.Great to see other Aussie blogs 😀 IM a follower :)xx

    May 10, 2010
  2. You just look fabulous! Everything you wear is just perfect (but I guess it would be, afterall, you are a STYLIST:)Glad you had a wonderful fashion week and I am so living vicariously through you.Have a great day, my dear.

    May 10, 2010
  3. Cute jacket!

    May 10, 2010

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