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It’s all in the presentation

Today my first real professional portfolio arrived in the post. I purchased it about a month ago from the House of Portfolio in New York (the only place to buy your portfolios, or so I’m told). At first I will say that I bought it under duress, I’ve been doing the rounds with the Agencies both here in Australia and in the States and I heard over and over again, “the work is good but the presentation is awful”. But after placing the order and then having over a month to wait for the delivery (I of course being me, wanted a non standard size and I wanted everything personalised), I began to get excited.

No one tells you when you first start out how important your Portfolio presentation is. So over the years I’ve had a few different ‘books’ but today when sliding in the first few photos and turning the pages over I finally knew what it felt like to see your Portfolio as your ‘book’.
I thought I would take some photos of my old books with my old work and show the evolution of my Portfolio.
This is my first ‘book’. It cost me $5 and amongst the tears from the free street press magazine I was shooting for, I slid in shots printed on paper from a colour printer. Of course no one really took me seriously.

One of my first ‘professional shoots’.

This is my second portfolio purchased for about $30 not including the sleeves which were also inexpensive but terrible because of the matte finish. Again a very student like feel about the book so not taken very seriously.

A couple of my first ‘location shoots’.

My first semi professional book. This one is leather and cost me over $100. The sleeves are still not the best for presentation and it’s a ring binder so didn’t look great when presenting double page spreads. But when I bought it I was buying the best I could afford.

My beloved Alice Affair shoot.

My new ‘Book’ comes with a Bag.

And everything is personalised.

My second best shoot to date.

Double page spreads look like just that instead of two separate photos.

Love my new book, and now have to print 10 new images to fill it up. Can’t wait to do the rounds with this baby.

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