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NYFW Day 4 – Long Time Between Shows

I woke up very early this valentines day morning to make it to my first show at 11 am. The show that I anticipated most this week was Luca Luca and I wasn’t let down. Every single piece that came down the runway was like wearable art.

Fabulous metallic coats with silky skirts. Beautiful prints and gorgeous fur. This was definitely a beautiful and wearable collection.
I then had hours, and I mean hours to kill before my next show at 9 pm. Luckily I’ve made friends with all Photographer Editors in the media room and they kept me company. I have to say I’ve met some wonderful people in this room especially Grant from He is always such a gentlemen.
I stepped to get some air around lunchtime and was shot Sartorialist like by the on site photographer for Essence Magazine. Now being an African American woman this was a HUGE thing. I’ve been reading Essence for as long as I can remember and it was such an honour to be photographed for them. I know it’s my Gary Yang Collections Coat that drew his attention but you know you take what you can get.
After my meanderings around times square I rushed back to the tents to catch the Vassilios Kostetsos show. I have to admit that I wasn’t convinced I wanted to see this show but the lovely Carin of assured me that it was worth it. And worth it, it was. This show in my humble opinion will go down as my favourite show I’ve seen this season. The clothing was stunning, little sequin shorts ala Lady Gaga, fantastic leather pants, and AMAZING shoes. This was the kind of show I’ve been longing to see all week, fashion with a touch of fantasy.
For this show I was sitting front row and I have to apologise because even sitting in the front row I couldn’t take great pictures.
My Gary Yang Collections Coat

My Outfit for the day

Luca Luca

Vassilios Kostetsos

It was long day but a lot of fun. Tomorrow is the IFB Evolving Influence Conference. I’m looking forward to hearing all the panellist talk about the future of Fashion Blogging.
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