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More Proud Mama Moments

I hate to brag, but I can’t help it, I have a fantastic son. He is a natural born leader and he has done me soo proud. He has been a school leader serving on the Student Representative Council since Year 8 and for his Senior year of High School he has been elected by his peers to become a school Prefect. Today was the ceremony and here are the photos.

Principal Duncombe – who I believe has been an amazing asset to the school.

KJ walking in with the Official Party

Because I’m one of those moms, I took heaps of random photos of KJ just on stage

Another random on stage photo

And yet another random on stage photo

The Principal giving his very inspiring speech on leadership

These 3 boys are brothers and moved me to tears with their rendition of Il Nuovo from Cinema Paradiso

KJ crossing the stage to receive his Prefect Badge and sign the register which has been in existence as his school since 1962

The school choir

All the newly inducted Prefects getting ready to take their oath

Close up KJ cause again I’m one of those moms

KJ and I after the ceremony at the morning tea.
Side note – I’m wearing a Nougat Dress with Chanel earrings and Diva necklace, oh and a very proud mama smile.
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