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Day to night the freelance way

So glad to not work in an office anymore. I can wear what I want now no matter how outrageous. Tonight I have dinner for the lovely Tally and then on to another friends birthday drinks. A lot to do and no time to go home and change.
I was saving this fab vintage 1980s Karen Merkel dress for something, (I don’t know what) but decided this morning that I must wear it. No use in it just sitting in my closet when it’s so absolutely fabulous.
I was walking down the street and a woman stopped me and told me that I looked like I stepped out of the pages of Vogue – she couldn’t have paid me a better compliment. I’ve been beaming ever since.

It was another good picture day – choose 5.

Today’s outfit is brought to you by: Dress and bolero jacket – vintage Karen Merkel thrifted via Zoo Emporium, Necklace – Avon, Bracelets – combination Diva and vintage thrifted via Uturn, Shoes – Siren
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