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Off to Work I go

Today’s dressing adventure saw me looking at this Ladakh dress. I bought it a few weeks ago resale from Uturn and have already worn it about 3 times. I really love it. Something about the colours and flower pattern make me happy. I also acquired this jacket from Uturn last week. It reminds me of Carrie off Sex and the City. I think it’s the flower broach. As I said in my previous post, summer is officially over and I need a jacket every time the sun slips behind the clouds.

My poor assistant can’t take my photos at the moment so I’ve had to use the tripod, taking your own photos are hard. I need to get one of those remote control timers. At least I’m going to work in daylight so it’s easy to take the photos and I don’t feel too busted doing so. Doing night shoots or having 6 am starts are hell.

Today’s outfit is brought to you by: Dress – Ladakh resale from Uturn, Singlet (under dress) – Supre, Jacket – Gladith resale from Uturn, Bangles – vintage thrifted via Ebay, Necklace – Diva, Shoes – Aldo, Handbag (on floor) – See by Chloe

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