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Today’s dressing adventure was a funny but very hectic. I woke up and just knew I wanted wear this dress. It has the right amount of fashion flair to see me through to tonight’s production meetings but sweet enough to wear at my day job. The Jeffrey Campbell boots of course give me a bit of an edge which I think is needed to balance out the sweetness of this dress.

This morning during the daily dog run at the park, one of the dogs decided that it would be fun to pee on my boots. Lucky for me they are leather and wipe down easily. But It still wasn’t the best way to start your day and I wasn’t too happy this morning. Now I can laugh about it because a) I didn’t even realise I was peed on until way after the fact and b) every dog in the park then proceeded to come and lick my boots after. All the other dog owners were embarrassed thinking it might have been their dog that did it. Though now thinking about it, it might have been one of mine that did. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing.

Today’s outfit is brought to you by: Dress – Master Slave, Pearls – Jason Moss, Earrings, Bracelet & Ring – Tiffanys, Boots – Jeffrey Campbell

Photo taken by Jo Cooper
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