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Where is your beret?

Today’s dressing adventure post was supposed to be titled ‘Corporate Rock Star’, at I least that is how I thought I was dressed, but after receiving several comments on how French I look in this outfit, I decided to change the title. My original dressing plan was to rock out a corporate look, wear a funky oversized blazer and stripey tee with a pencil skirt and heels. But I guess the red accents (I soo love red) and the stripey tee makes me look like a Parisian Librarian.

Today’s outfit is brought to you by: Blazer – Kenneth Cole, Stripey Tee – Cotton On, Skirt – Cue, Belt – gift from Michelle C, Scarf – Tie Rack, Bangles – Mixture of Equip and Vintage, Earrings – Jason Moss Jewellers, Shoes – Aldo

On another note, the weather in Sydney has gotten worse, and people are reverting to wearing their winter coats (eek!!!). It’s raining like mad which I don’t mind because in a burst of inspiration I bought the most perfect umbrella (see below) from my new favourite lingerie shop – La Mistress – on Crown Street. It can rain all week as long as the weather is fab on the weekends.

Photo taken by Joanne Cooper

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