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The Lady is a Vamp

Today’s dressing adventure started weeks ago. Several weeks ago I bought this wonderful 1950’s dress for $18 at my favourite second hand shop called Uturn.

The dress was a wonderful find and I was extremely excited about finally finding it but the dress had the most god awful smell that I just couldn’t get rid of. I washed the dress numerous times with every different detergent under the sun, steamed it with my professional steamer, hung the dress outside in the wind after each washing and steaming but the mothball smell wouldn’t go away. After all that I succumbed to the Febreze temptation. I saturated the dress, hung it out to dry, then washed it again. Finally I could wear this beautiful dress. I generally don’t like to use Febreze, it has such a sickly sweet smell but washing the dress after did the trick.

vintage floral tea dress

I wanted to vamp up the outfit so I added the red heels. I thought the heels would be a nice contrast to the pearls.

Today’s outfit is brought to you by: Dress – Vintage thrifted from Uturn, Necklace – Vintage Pearls my mother gave me years ago(thanks Mom!), Bracelet – an old birthday gift from years ago (thanks Jocelyn D), Earrings – Equip, Shoes – Aldo

Photo taken by Laura Hatzaras
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