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Comme des Garçons H&M Dress to Cost $350

The Cut reports:

The new Comme des Garçons H&M ads are out and have people in a tizzy. Why? Because a dress for the mass retailer is selling for a whopping $350. Now, as Fashionista noted, these aren’t H&M prices. But we’re talking about Comme des Garçons here. Sure, Karl, Viktor & Rolf, and Stella’s lines were on the more affordable end. But they were still H&M quality. These are all Comme, from the construction to the details. Comme des Garçons designer Rei Kawakubo told BlackBook:

“The collection is constructed around Comme des Garçons’ style. Rather than aiming to make clothes that no one has ever seen before, it is very much Comme des Garçons to its roots. My priority has always been creativity, which was not the least bit compromised with this collection. That was the last thing H&M wanted us to do. Otherwise they wouldn’t have asked us.”

So yes, you’re going to be shelling out $350, but you’re getting a veritable piece of Comme des Garçons, which normally costs thousands and thousands of dollars. We’ll still lining up early the day it launches to get a piece. And if the prices deter the, um, out-of-towners who annihilated Roberto Cavalli’s H&M line the day it launched, so be it.

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