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Ink me please

I was reading the relationship blog called Ask Sam the other day and she asked “Deal breakers: tattoos, feminists and pretty boys?” Her post was interesting even if a little narrow minded but what really got me were the 257+ comments left. Most the comments were so negative and evoked ridicules stereotypical images of tattooed women as floozies, biker chicks, and strippers who are drug addicts and can’t hold down full time jobs.
I consider myself an upstanding member of the community, I’m not a floozy, biker chick or stripper. I’m not a drug addict and I have a full time job and I’m a mother.

So how does one reconcile these two? You don’t, you grow up and accept that there are all kinds of people in this world. A person can have a tattoo, body piercing, different haircut or whatever and still be a “normal” person. Thanks for listening to my non fashion rant.

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