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’Summer Heights’ Comes to the States

T Mag Reports the following:

This season’s sickest pleasure is not Balenciaga’s crystal-embellished dress ($46,650, without tax) but the Australian comedy series ‘‘Summer Heights High.’’ The designer Kim Jones, Vogue’s Hamish Bowles, the photographer Alasdair McLellan and the accessories designer Katie Hillier are among the fashionable addicts of this eight-part mockumentary set at an underprivileged suburban high school in Melbourne. Chris Lilley, the criminally talented creator, also stars as the show’s three lead characters: Ja’mie King, a 16-year-old philanthropist/teen model on an exchange program from an exclusive girls’ school; Jonah Takalua, a break-dancing, graffiti-obsessed 13-year-old juvenile delinquent from Tonga; and Greg Gregson, better known to the students as ‘‘Mr. G,’’ the campier-than-Christmas ‘‘director of performing arts,’’ whose school productions include ‘‘Tsunamarama’’ (a musical about the 2004 tsunami set to the hits of Bananarama).

The good news for ‘‘Heights’’-challenged Americans, who up until now have had to get their fix on YouTube, is that HBO will start screening the show in November. As Ja’mie says as she stands up through the sunroof of her mom’s Volvo and waves goodbye to her erstwhile BFF’s, ‘‘Public schools rock!’

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