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Australian Wool Industry Launches Campaign

Photo By: Courtesy Photo
Images from Australian Wool Innovation’s latest campaign.

Last year Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) acquired the Woolmark logo. AWI is now set to release its multi-million dollar marketing campaign today to relaunch Australian Fine Merino Wool into the fashion market as a clean “green” luxury fibre.

This new direction solidifies AWI’s new identity as well as a new brand stable and licensee program for AWI’s 1,845 global partners, including Lacoste, Marks & Spencer, Benetton, Next, Zegna, Brooks Brothers, Isetan and Dillard’s.

This month, three new brands and licensing programs will be released globally to replace the original Woolmark symbols. They are Australian Merino, Superior Merino and Superior Merino Blend. The ball-of-wool Woolmark logo will also get an upgrade and will feature a stylized ram’s head.

With Eco friendly being on everyone’s mind at the moment, branding wool as a natural, biodegradable and sustainable fibre is very smart move for AWI and wool growers of Australia.
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